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Build your own cooperation agenda. Attract support and funds. Achieve desired results.

Turning societal development initiatives in Africa and Asia into success stories can be quite challenging.

The responsibility for planning and implementing development initiatives is shifting from international cooperation actors to the people concerned. From initiators abroad to people who know their own society, issues and dynamics best. They take direction. At the same time worldwide competition for aid and development support is becoming stronger. The interdependency between local initiators and other, both local and international development players is increasing.

People from different sectors with often as many different interests, backgrounds, capacities, cultural and management styles need to get mobilized behind one goal and work together to achieve the desired social change.

Success depends on building strong alliances

The Coalition Factory offers support for building strong and relevant coalitions.

We develop with the Art of Coalition

A tailor made, context specific and system oriented approach read more >

We are part of The Coalition Community

A lively and specialized group of associated consultants in Africa and Asia read more >

We cooperate with Strategic Partners

With very specific expertise in different social sectors like education, health, and social protection, gender experts, human rights specialists and experts in lobby and advocacy. We also work in collaboration with Warner Strategy & Fundraising on strategic positioning and fundraising for partnerships, building on their international network of recognized fundraisers and expertise of different funds. read more >

Our vision

People shape their own lives and societies according to their own dreams, agenda’s and choices

What makes us special?

  • Frontrunner and expert in the Art of Coalition
  • Highly specialized and experience international network
  • Context specific solutions
  • Connects local initiatives with the required funds and advice