The Coalition Barometer©. Improved insight, influence and results.

Our unique analysis framework is developed to facilitate a constructive exchange of ideas between all partners involved on how well a coalition is functioning. By doing so we encourage agreement on opportunities for success and help all participants to increase their influence on the course of action and results.

Instruments from four key perspectives

We analyse the current en potential strength of a coalition from four different perspectives using a set of tools developed for that purpose.

Development checklist

Coalitions go through various stages, from initiation to adjournment. Each stage poses its own challenges and pitfalls. The Checklist gives an overview of the different stages regarding coalition development and can be used to identify the conditions which enable the step towards the next phase of development.

System drawings

The influence of the different participants on process and results and the quality of interaction can vary greatly. Also the way in which the coalition interacts with target groups and other parties (e.g. politics, media, other coalitions, donors) can have significant impact on performance. System drawings visualize coalition dynamics and provide wide ranging information about the influence and interaction quality of the coalition.

Capacity Scan

Each coalition requires a unique and well balanced mix of capacities to be successful. The Coalition Capacity scan can be used to assist coalitions to reflect on the relevance of its performance, to identify core areas for capacity strengthening and to elaborate Terms of Reference for external assistance in the coalition process.

Code of coherence

Finding an answer to harmonisation issues pertaining to the functioning of coalitions is challenging. Lack of coherence can lead to chaos and hinders the coalition to achieve its results. Our Code of Coherence safeguards the focus of the coalition on results and synergy and links result and process responsibility.